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I hadn't thought about the camera's settings, Jeff. The thing is, I didn't even notice the cables when I took the photo, so they weren't that white in normal light. Perhaps they are fluorescing in the light from the flash?

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John - I wonder if your digital camera (assuming you used a digital camera) has an automatic gain setting, where the impulses from the camera get scaled so that the largest value represents white. This might provide a plausible answer. If you used a flash and the surface of the cables was more reflective than, say, the dull, brushed aluminum of the amps (which would tend to diffuse light) and the cables caught the light and were the brightest objects framed, the impulses from the less reflective objects like the amps and speakers might be insignificant in comparison to the 'white-level' so that the contrast might become enhanced. The cables might appear "blown out". The flash might not even have to factor into it. As long as the cables caught enough ambient light to be the brightest things in the framed image, this might be enough to make the sensor treat them as white with compensation. I can't understand why they would take on this fluorescent appearance, especially after Stephen's blog said they looked plain-Jane. I'm thinking it's got to be something related to how the camera is compensating for something. The cables look great like this, although, I'd find it distracting in the long term.

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In Stephen's comments, John DeVore suggested the jacket might be made of reflective material. The cables wouldn't need to be white to trigger the gain in the camera (if the gain is responsible) - all you'd need is for the cables to appear to be the lightest thing in the frame, which the reflectivity might do when the flash came into play. But, if the cables are the same as what is shown at the PassThru site, they're covered in some kind of open plastic mesh. In my mind, I had questioned if you even used a flash because there were no highlights on the speaker edges or surface that would suggest you had. Maybe the cables are fluorescing in the light from the flash... I have no idea. If the jackets had the same mother of pearl look as the white jacket of D-60, I could imagine the flash playing off of that. But, if the cables weren't white, it must be something else. Don't the reflective strips used on subway worker vests or bike gear come in various colours and shades? It would be interesting if we could figure it out.

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