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Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-3 Speakers

For what's it is worth, I just want to make a few comments on the Gallo CL-3 speakers.

These speakers, IMO, are really a groundbreaking design.

For one thing, they have bass which is competely unexpected and unusual for their size; some amazing design work has been done here. They are half the size and price of the Vandersteen 3A speakers I have at my other house and equal them in every way IMO.

For another, their cylindrical diaphram tweeter overcomes one of the most common problems of most speakers; that of limited horizontal dispersion. Its very wide dispersion makes every seat in the house a great listening point, and eliminates the "sweet spot". The "sweet spot" is everywhere. It is also an excellent-sounding tweeter.

For further information on their design and performance check out the review in The Absolute Sound in the July/August issue. could just call Gallo and get a 60-day free home trial.They pay shipping both ways if you decide not to buy them and give a full refund.

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