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Onkyo M302 Pre-Amp
Onkyo M504 Power amp

New add - Marantz PMD-526C

Problem: Fuzz from the outputs with all media sources used. USB port and CD.

Attempted corrections: checked connections, Changed RCA patch chords, changed to 3 different inputs on Pre-Amp ( CD, Line-1 and Line-2) Reset the PMD-562c firm wear to factory setting.

Still no joy.

I just purchased the Marantz PMD-526c and I am trying to integrate this unit into a Onkyo M302 pre-amp, powered with a Onkyo M504 Power amp. I have tried multiple RCA cables and multiple inputs on the M302. I am getting a fuzz sound through both left and right speakers and the media is barely heard while playing. This had happened with the CD and the USB media devices.

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