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Having those ridges on the pin section, doesn't that make for LESS surface area for electrical contact area, seems like a backwards step, in the magic of magic audio connectors? Ruffles have RIDGES, should electrical contacts for low voltages be smooth? With as large a surface area as possible. Ain't the grooves just gonna have pockets of corrsion and air to distort the signal?

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It also looks like 2 dissimilar metals, won't that cause an electrical charge to develop, between the surfaces, distorting the signal? Since when is CHROME a good electrical material anyway? Chrome goes on Harleys, not in electrical connectors.

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DUP - There are some theories that a lighter connector, with less contact area, avoids problems due to skin effect. This is part of the popularity of the Eichmann Bullet plugs, which try to avoid mass. What you think is chrome is more likely Rhodium (in the Platinum family, a noble metal.)

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