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Full Simple Audio System Search

My mom is looking for a good stereo system for her home. Right now when she wants to listen to music she uses this $15 radio thing from Target. What she wants is a simple system that she can use which also sounds good. She will be mostly listening to XM radio for npr or the local radio, but may also use her iPod and CD's. Are there any systems out there that won't require her to use the user manual every time she uses it? I'm starting to think that Audio has become too complicated for the simple user, as I'm having a hard time finding one.

Ariel Bitran
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some powered loudspeakers like the Aktimate or the Audioengine's to start? that eliminates the need for an amplifier, gets ya good sound, and include an iPod dock.

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I can think of two really nice units

Marantz hs an all-in one tuner, CD with networking.  Model M-CR603.  It would require external speakers but Marantz integrates nicely with Apple and even has airplay which, once set up allows you to control your audio from itunes on your iphone or ipod touch but does require a wired internet connection.  Otherwise, you can plug an ipod or iphone in via USB or Marantz makes an Dock that plugs in.  It is $699 plus you need speakers and is available from Crutchfield.   

Alternatively, Cambridge Audio makes a really cool unit called the Audio 1+ and includes an ipod doc.  $599 from Needle Doctor.  There is a unit available with speakers but they are not great speakers.  If it was me, I would look at a set of different bookshelf speakers.  PSB Image 4,5 or 6's are real nice for the money.

There are other simpler units available from Best Buy etc... but I assume if you are posting here you are looking for something that is a bit nicer.   




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