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I really like the rack, did you come up with the design?

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The original design is from pARTicular ( I converted their Novus design to full suspension (their "dual Novus" I belive. I made them a bit narrower and 4 inches higher to fit my space and equipment. The shelf supports are 1 x 1/2 alum welded in a 'H' configuration. The framework is 1x2 1/2 alum bar and the support rods are 1/2in stainless. A lot of tig work and accurate drilling was required. Shelf material is teak ply and solids, bluetac and some other stuff. The universal player sits on a DYI sand box with granite surface.

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Look like Dyna 416 Amps, with C-100 storage bank, COOL!!! Are they rebuilds from VanAlstine, if not he can turn them beautys into incredible beautys. Looks GREAT.

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Another "experienced" auido person. Thanks for the kind words. Most folks today don't even know about the Dyna 400 series, let alone the C-100's. They are semi-retired right now. With some big Krells up front and a Leveinson in the rear, I don't relly need the Dyna power. I didn't have ValAlstine do his magic on them at the time. I should have. I was in Chicago at the time and he was only a few hours drive away. He probably can't do them now. When I built them, I had access to curve traces and other precision lab gear, so I ordered in several dozen output transistors for the 400 and then about three dozen when I built the 416 to match the outputs. I matched the big droping resistors (early voltage regulation) so the rails were within about .3vdc of each other. They have served me well for the 28yrs they drove my Maggies. Are they as good as the Krells and Levinson - no. Do I feel the Krells and Levinson are worth the difference in price($28k & $9K to the $700 for both Dynas)- no. Would I sell the Dynas - no.

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