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Whew, I would never leave the house!

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I can only give you a 9. Your room is too small! Hah! Remember, you said your room is too small.:wink:

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Have you ever heard the Apogees without the cases? Ben Holt used to run his Duettas naked and, while they were butt-ugly, they were the best sounding Duettas I ever heard. Of course, it would be a shame to put anything ugly in that gorgeous room of yours.

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Thanks for all your comments. My room is a little small, yes :-) But i wouldnt trade this speaker in for anything even if i had a even smaller room.

I heard my old Scinitllas without the cover and it was wonderfull. These DIVAS are fully rebuild and modified and if something would happen to the ribbons while the covers are off, i would never forgive myself. So the covers stay on :-)

The do have rebuild custom crossovers (Mundorf Supreme Coils, and Supreme Foil Only Spools) and made more stable with the help of the platform and stability struds.

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Ohhh, I love it when you talk about all the fiddly bits!

Wish I could drop by and give 'em a listen. Looks like a nice room to listen in.

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Well thank you!

You are very welcome, but NY is a bit away from Bavaria, Germany. But if you are ever in the area, drop on by to give it a listen. I also have Apogee Calipers here soon for my parents to replace those VMPS RM30's i bought. I put the Bamboowall backup this night :-)

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Sweet speakers - and I've heard Bavaria is wonderful as well!

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lovely set-up!

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another great setup from stereophile members. its really good to see how the blending of highend audio and decor can create such an appealing setting to listen to music.

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Thank you!

Actually i have made some powerfull new moves ;-) I have managed to purchase one of the 25 existing pairs of Apogee Grands. Also a Tact Audio RCS 2.2XP ADAA and a Sony SCD777ES Transport. Also i am getting a very nice big Apartment, so lots of changes are happening.



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So, Flo, if you only had ten vinyl discs you could play on this magnificent system, what would they be? Kevin Manson, St Simons Island Georgia (Holding the innagural meeting of the Golden Isles Audio Society tonight, September 16th)

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the speakers are monumental!
I can't see the cables. What kinda you use?
The PA's are Kora or BonGiorno stuff?

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