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Floorstanders to bookshelfs with Rotel gear
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oppoman wrote:

I have Mordaunt-Short Aviano 6s bi-wired to a Rotel RC-1550 / Rotel RB-1562 setup. It used to sound fantastic in my old house as the room was larger, however our current living space is tiny.

As a result I'm considering moving to bookshelf speakers and putting them on top of an entertainment unit as floorstanders and speaker-stands concern me as a hazard for our 5-month old daughter (she will no doubt be moving about by herself in no time). The system is used for music, streaming, gaming, blurays and TV.

Any opinions on which of these would best cover a range of formats and match my amp?

-Epos K1
-B&W 685 S2
-Monitor Audio Silver 2
-other options?

Also, one issue I have at the moment is when watching movies the voices are hard to hear unless the volume is turned up considerably. Would bookshelf speakers help solve this?

My first choice would be the Silver Series 2 speakers.

Many movies have soundtracks that have too much background music and and background sounds of all kinds in the mix, and the dialogue is simply hard to hear. Another issue is when they have a loud passage of some kind and then go to a passage where there is dialogue at a MUCH lower volume level.

The problem is that the sound engineers who mix this stuff are incompetent asses.

It is a problem, no matter what speakers you use.

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