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Fisher 500-C Stereo Receiver

Hey guys,

While I've been listening to vinyl for several years, I'm just now starting to get into the equipment I use to play my collection.

I'm very interested in getting a tube powered receiver on a budget and have heard great things about the Fisher 500-C. 

I was wondering if anybody had any advice / thoughts on the Fisher or other comparably priced tube units out there that might spark my interest.


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Who can top this?
1crazed Cat
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A few thoughts on Fischer & tubes

Traditionally, Fischer was never equated with good sound on any level. This is not to disuade you from checking it out. You should check it out, but not with any preconcieved notions about how it will sound.

As for tubes vs solid state, you'd be better off simply looking for a receiver that sounds good to you regardless of whether it has tubes, bipolar transistors, MOSFETs or a combination of two. If the unit you likehas tubes, you then need to decide if you want to spend the time and money maintaining it.

It's best to take your time and check out as many possibilities as you can. Also, there is no guarrenty that you will like how the Fischer tube amp sounds with your speakers.

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Fisher 500c

I toam intrested in the fisher 500C, and from all the research I have done it was on the leading edge for stero receivers.  If it's tubes you like than this is fisher is for you.  The bad news is that the ones I found on the internet go from "working" to barely alive to just for parts.  I did manage to locate the fisher king at  He can restore one for you with all new parts and newer technology, it just depends on how much you are willing to spend. But it is still alot less than new tube receivers and amps.  For me it is just what the doctor ordered, and I wil have mine by christmas. Good luck

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This is a totally uninformed comment.

In the 1960s, Fisher was the Rolls-Royce of receivers, and NOTHING could touch their sound quality (except McIntosh). They were absolutely the best. And the 500C was the best of the best. A friend had one for many years, and it was excellent.

In the late 1970s, Sears bought out Fisher, and they started putting the name on cheap crap. That may be the cause for the confusion.

Buying a 40+ year-old unit is not a plug-and-play deal, though. They invariably need a lot of TLC to clean the contacts and potentiometers and most capacitors must be replaced. It takes a knowledgeable technician and a fair amount of time and money to bring them back to a reliable usable condition.

It is also worth noting that the power output is relatively low and they should only be used with speakers that have 90 db/watt sensitivity and higher.




[quote=1crazed Cat]Traditionally, Fischer was never equated with good sound on any level. 


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