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First turntable setup


Hey all, 

So I am completely new to this. About two years ago after listening to a friend play a couple of his records, I became completely intrigued by vinyl and not really knowing anything I bought a cheap portable Crosley and figured it would hold up for a couple years - turned out 8 months later it broke and wasn't worth fixing. Recently I was very fortunate enough to be gifted a Pro-ject Debut Carbon for my birthday, except now I'm at a lost on how to set it up.

... Would it be worth trading it in for the Pro-ject Debut Carbon USB? I have 30 days left to return it

If someone could kindly inform me first on what I'll need to set up a new system and then some suggestions for each I would really appreciate it. I currently have $500 to spend (college student budget, blame the tuition) but am planning to save another $500 within a few months. Any advice would really help. 


Thank you in advance!

JoeE SP9
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Trade it in only if you want to be able to connect your TT directly to a computer. Otherwise there's no point. Either one comes pre adjusted out of the box. Just make sure you have a receiver or intrgrated amplfier with a phono input.

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I would just keep it. Not sure if you have speakers, but you can go about this several ways. I would vouche for a Marantz PM5004 ($449) if possible. It has a great phono preamp and can supply great power. Pair it with the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 speakers ($349) and you'll be set. Just don't forget stands. Then just upgrade your platter to the Acryl-it from Pro-Ject and maybe add their Puck and you got yourself a nice system.

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