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First time with FLAC.

Hello everyone,,
So I've decided to take a step and buy one of my favourite electronic albums (End of An Empire - Celldweller) on Bandcamp, and download it in FLAC format. I've never listened to lossless audio before, and I always thought I'm already hearing all the detail in my songs with regular compressed 320kbps audio through Spotify. Oh boy was I wrong. Straight off the bat, I don't have any pair of crazy good cans, just my HD4.20s, but they're good enough to hear the difference. It's seriously like hearing all the songs for the first time, I'm a bit shocked. Looks like I'm gonna have to start to actually pay for music now. Goddamit.

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Is FLAC better than CD? https

Is FLAC better than CD? jiofilocalhtml

Kal Rubinson
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Is FLAC better than CD?

No real answer because CD is 16/44.1PCM and FLAC can be almost any PCM wordsize/bitrate.

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