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First time 2.1 build help needed

Hello everyone,
I'm really new into this high fi audio stuff so bare with me.
After doing a fair share of research of my own. I feel that I've hit a dead end. I have a couple things in mind, but not enough info to make the jump.
I'm looking to start my build with an amp/receiver + bookshelfs. Then to add a sub when I have the money.

estimate speakers >$400 preferably
amp/receiver >$300~
Sub i'll worry late but prolly no more then $500, cheaper would be def better.

What I am looking for is a pretty rock solid entry level system that won't completely destroy my bank.
My room is rather small a rough estimate being 13'x 8'. But I like my music loud, but quality.

Just as a note: alot of my music is of the electronic genre (very bass heavy). However I do listen to all other sorts, rock, jazz, ect.

SOURCE : My computer

BOOKSHELF's - I've been considering the PSB Image B25. After reading alot of Jackfish's recommendations they seem like the best for my price range.

Amp/receiver - I've been looking at the Nad316bee b/c that seems more economical for me. Or the musical hall a25.2
A big question of mine is would I be able to add a sub to the nad316bee. I looked at pictures on the back and dont understand how i would hook a sub like an emotiva ultra 10/12.
---Another idea I had was to find a cheaper alternative , the H&K 3390

Subs: I've had my eyes particularly on the emotiva ultra 10. My worries is if it would produce the amount of killer lows I'm looking for.

Sorry if this wasn't enough information and for all the mistakes I made.


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PSB Image B25 $320/pair DMC

PSB Image B25 $320/pair DMC Electronics
Harman Kardon HK3490 $367
Emotiva Ultra Sub 10 $399

The HK3490 will easily accommodate a subwoofer and computer source.
In that small of a room the Emotiva Ultra Sub 10 will give you the killer lows you crave.

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