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First HiFi Setup HELP!!

Hi Everyone!

I've just taken the first step to creating a good soundstage for my music interest!

I need some help with my music/media set-up!

AMP: Moon i5.3 RS
Speakers: iFi Retro LS3.5
DAC: iFi Audio iDSD micro Black Label
Turntable: House of Marley - Stir It UP w/ int. Pre-Amp (No idea of how good the pick-up is!
Cables: Supra ZAC Toslink, Supra RCA, Chord C-Screen (Speaker Cables)
Headphones: Audeze LCD-2 Classic

Chain of Links #1: Turntable - •RCA/3.5mm• - iFi iDSD BL •RCA• - Moon i5.3 - •Chord C-Screen• - iFi Retro LS3.5

Chain of Links #2: Apple TV 4K/PS4 Pro - LG B7 - •Toslink/Opt• - iFi iDSD BL - •RCA• - Moon i5.3 - •Chord C-Screen• - iFi Retro LS3.5

Everything works like a charm, the audio insane comparing to my old setup (Atmos Soundbar).

The Problem: When I want to listen to youtube playlist through my Apple 4K OR Game on my PS4 with my headphones, I'm still getting sound OUT of my Speakers, even though iFi iDSD BL is in AMP or Direct Mode!
The headphones are of course connected into my iFi iDSD BL!

Have I messed up the connection somewhere?


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