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This seems as good a time as any to give a quick review of my new solid pine bookshelf speakers
After regular listening for the last two weeks or so (app. 60 hours of burn in) I would highly recommend that anyone contemplating building their own speakers - to REJECT the straight and perfect sterility of MDF! and instead, embrace the wobbly , crooked, imperfect natural warmth and depth of thick solid wood .
The midrange is so thick, juicy and natural, that I have to keep a handkerchief with me while listening -it's like salivating when you smell a BBQ cooking!
It cant be the drivers alone - midprice at best -VIFA XT 25 tweeter, Peerless 150mm HDS mid/woofer
When I decided to build these, I chose function over form, the sound has priority - and I'm so glad I did
While many will say these are ugly speakers (personally, I can't stop looking at,and smelling! them)no 19mm MDF box of any design could come close to the naturalness of these pine beauties!!!

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Cool! I agree with your mdf comment. I have designed/built my own speakers since 1974 and used mdf in only one design. I didn't like it and you can hear the difference. Designing your own is a blast and you can achieve the sound you like if you know what you're doing. Top grade Birch ply is a great wood to use as well.

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Thanks for your comment,I chose pine because of the low cost, and actually settled on the cabinet dimensions, based on the width of boards available at my local hardware shop

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