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Finding a new needle

Hey there! I'm pretty new to the turntable world and just purchased a Denon DP-33F. The unit's in amazing condition, but the needle attached to the cartridge is broken. I have contacted Denon to try and locate the replacement part, but they've not been able to. So my question is, can I purchase a generic style needle for the unit, or do I need to go through Denon directly to get this part?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Oh, and I can post pictures if that helps.

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Have you tried Needle Doctor?
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To get a replacement stylus (needle) you need the actual make and model number of the CARTRIDGE itself.

That turntable may have been originally supplied with no cartridge at all, or fitted with any number of cartridges after sale. There is no way to know what you may have.

Personally, I would suggest a whole new cartridge, as the original may have been relatively low quality stuff.

The Ortophon Red is around $100 and would be a good choice.

LPGEAR has a wide range of possibilities for a stylus or cartridge.

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