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Keir Hailstone
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Ferrofluid in Dynaudio speakers

Hi all.

I have a question... To cut a long story short, I just purchased a pair of Dynaudio Excite x16 s. Didn't realise how old they are. Found out they're ten years old. Sound fine but I'm paranoid after finding out about ferrofluid drying up in tweeters after a time. I have read that with a well made speaker the tweeters could still be fine after 20-25 years but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this issue, particularly with Dynaudio tweeters of a "certain" age. I need to know whether to sell these on ASAP or if I could keep them and get a good few years more out of them.

Any ideas or opinions would be gratefully welcomed.


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They're Dynaudios. I wouldn't

They're Dynaudios. I wouldn't worry about it.

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