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Eyeball Speakers Needed

I am looking for "eyeball speakers" - something either spherical on a floor stand or with a sphere on top. I prefer to spend under $2000 for the pair. My intention is to actually paint eyeballs on them (I run the Eyeball Museum), so they have to come in white or off-white and preferably with black grilles. Here's what I know about so far:

Elipson Planet L (look excellent but may be a bit under powered and 6 ohms)

Cabasse IO2 (also might be under powered)

Orb Audio Mod1 (perhaps lower-end than I am looking for)

Any opinions on these? Any others?

I will be driving them with a Pioneer VSX-D902S (hey, it still works great!)

125 watts per channel 8 ohms

I found an article on spherical speakers here:

Most are incredibly expensive ($150,000? I'll pass). I'd love a set of stacked eyeballs from Art & Voice, but I doubt they are anywhere near my price range.

Ariel Bitran
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Eyeball Speakers

I know Anthony Gallo Acoustics makes some Orb type speakers, although i can't offer an opinion on their sound quality.

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Just saw these 2 days ago, and they are quite reasonable!  Ask and ye shall find!

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