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Ethernet cables

I hope that in his new column on cables that Herb Reichert addresses the question of ethernet cables, including the importance (or not) of the CATV cable from the wall and the internet modem and router that are used to connect them. In the meantime I will throw out a few of questions.

To set the stage I'll explain my streaming set up. My cable modem is connected to to the wall with 2 or 3 m of common CATV cable. The modem is connected to my router with .5m AQ cinnamon ethernet cable. The router is connected to my iMac with 1.5 m AQ Forest ethernet cable and to my Bryston BDP Pi with 1.5 m AQ Cinnamon. In addition (and independently) the iMac is connected to a Schitt Eitr USB-SPDIF converter with 1.5 m Cardas Clear USB cable. The eitr is connected to my Schiit Gungnir multibit DAC with 1.5 m AQ cinnamon S/PDIF cable. I can't go directly to the DAC from the iMac with USB because the BDP Pi takes the only USB B input on the Gungnir. I can't go directly to the BDP Pi because it only accepts USB A plugs as inputs and I can't find a USB cable with A plugs at teach end. (Bryston USB ports are bidirectional.) The rest of the sustem consists of Schiit Freya and bridged Aegir monoblocks driving KEF LS50 speakers.

This all sounds pretty darned good with Bryston perhaps a bit better when comparing TIDAL from computer and BDP Pi. I have found that the modest AQ Cinnamon ethernet cables made a noticeable improvement in streaming with the BDP Pi so I am considering making additional upgrades in the ethernet line. Consequently, I have questions:

1. Is the CATV cable a limiting factor and can it be upgraded?
2. Does anyone have experience with Cardas, Shunyata, or other high quality Ethernet cables? (All of my interconnects, power cords and speaker cables are Shunyata.)
3. Is there any way to improve on the stock cable modem or Apple airport router that XFinity provides (eg., better better products)?
4. Does anyone have a solution for connecting the computer to the BDP Pi?

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