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Ethernet cables

I'm a software engineer of 29 years with a Masters degree in Computer Science.

I got yet another email from Audio Advisor today pimping their Pangea cable line, but this one really made me chuckle.

Can anybody explain to me why using Cardas copper and silver interconnects on ethernet cables could possibly make any difference to audio??

Ethernet is a frame transmission protocol with error checksums to guarantee the payload is not corrupted. In other words the transmitter and receiver on a network receive exact bit for bit copies of data.
Once the audio packets are at the receiving end they are buffered by the device and reconstructed back into analog audio.

when i send a word doc from one point to another across ethernet, i know what the user gets will be what i sent. The 'o's wont be blacker or more rounded depending upon the cable used, and there won't be bits of text missing.

How is it possible that this deception is allowed on people?

Kal Rubinson
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wilfsdad1965 wrote:
wilfsdad1965 wrote:

How is it possible that this deception is allowed on people?

Because there are people who actually want to believe it.

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The only thing I can think of

The only thing I can think of that might influence sound quality is reduced EMI radiation which could be picked up by close-by sensitive analog circuits and connections. But a decent quality shielded ethernet cable should do the trick here, and can be purchased for a modest increase over unshielded cable.

In the extreme case, I could imagine that a super-high-quality cable to potentially reduce dropped packets and therefore ever-so-slightly reduce the noise generated by digital circuits in the streamer, but if you've got cheap Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable in your wall between your router and wall jack, it's hard to imagine a short length of higher quality cable between your wall jack and streamer is going to do anything (even if this was an audible affect).

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crazy as it seems, everything matters.

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Well, one will have to do a blind comparison between the ordinary Ethernet cable and the Pangea cable to really know, unless the sonic difference is glaringly obvious. I have not seen anyone demonstrate an audible difference using a well-controlled test.

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If you want very high cost

If you want very high cost/performance LAN/ethernet cable, check out Sablon Audio Panatela. Disclosure: I have no connection to this company - just this audiophile's pov -

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