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Equipment Rack Feet


I'm curious how people feel about the feet of their equipment rack. Do you have a preference between coupling the rack to floor or isolating it and why?

My rack is currently leveled using some quarters and nickles. I'd like to come up with a solution that is a little more attractive and if it offers a sonic benefit that's all the better!

Thanks for your advice.

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Nice rack

My rack is spiked through carpet to concrete. Recently, to move the rack over, I put some cushioned nylon sliders under the points, w/ metal caps under the spikes so they wouldn't punch through. Haven't removed the sliders yet. Interesting - the sound is NOT different at all, as far as I can tell.

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My rack is grounded via Michael Green designs mega solid steel screw-in bottom cones that are attached to 1/4" threaded rod. The cone points rest on the beautiful Isoclean medium chrome plated floor protectors.

Mark Evans

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I installed some

I installed some outriggers on the bottom of my speakers and am very happy with them. I sure they could also be integrated for equipment rack purposes as well.

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