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Entry-level turntable recommendations

At a relatively advanced age and on a tight budget, I've just recently bought my first high-performance stereo system: Marantz PM5004 integrated amp and CD5004 player, and Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers (the new Series 7). I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas and enjoying the new system immensely. (The closest I ever came to this before was with a hand-me-down Marantz 4240 quad, but I could never afford speakers that were good enough for it.)

Even though we have about 800 CDs (we listen to a lot of classical, world music, jazz, and folk, but also have a little rock), I'd really like to be able to listen to the few LPs I have and haven't heard for at least 25 years. Some of these are jazz and blues pressings from the 80s, lightly played on a good turntable belonging to a roommate of mine at the time. Others are from the '50s and '60s and were played for years on my dad's c. 1960 Garrard RC-88 changer. (I'm assuming the albums I bought as a teenager in the 70s are garbage, since I chewed them up on the BSR crap I had at the time.)

Can anyone recommend a turntable (preferably under $800) that would be suitable for occasional play and be able to handle less-than-perfect source material without skipping? I'm not likely to build a big LP collection--we just don't have the room for it, and having three cats means that LP listening has to be an occasional treat.


Thanks very much

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I've had my Planar 3 for going on 8 years and it's still wonderful.

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I have been more than satisfied with

my ProJect Xpression III with an Audio Technica AT440MLa cartridge.  This combo will track anything.

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rega rp1

i recommend the rega rp1. you can get one brand new for $445. comes with the ortofon om5e cartridge. sounds like a million bucks to my ears. you'll need a phono preamp if your reciever or amplifier doesn't have a dedicated phono input. recommend the nad pp2i. costs $130. so you're looking at $575 plus tax. good luck. p. s. i'm a musician and have been to many live shows too so i know what sounds good. 

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(I'm assuming the albums I

(I'm assuming the albums I bought as a teenager in the 70s are garbage,"

Yes they are send them to me....  !!


I do not know about everyone else, but I have an expensive J A Mitchell Turntable but find my self spinning my LP's on a Pioneer PL-20 and Marantz 6350Q.  Sound wonderful to me...

Also, kinda handy having the auto feature to bring up my tone arm...Just My 2 cents.  For under $800 I think there are many options.  From A pioneer 570 to a marantz 6350...etc.


I probably will be crucified for these recomendations but...oh well

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