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Entry level pre/pro New UMC-1 or used DHC 9.9 or DHC 9.8 (or other suggestions)

Have the UMC-1 problems been generally cleared up? The DHC's are apparently still under warranty, the 9.9 for 1 1/2 years/$1000 , the 9.8 for 6 mos/$600

Ive got a very basic setup, KR Audio 6 channel amp (solid state, not one of the monster tubes), 5.1  with no ability or desire to move to 7.1. No desire for 3D TV, 58" Panasonic Plasma.

Probably 75% TV/DVD (music) and 25% music (CD right now but inherited a turntable I might hook up and see if any of my vinyl is any good). 


I need a 2d zone for the Singlepower headphone amp I posted for help with, no crying need for a 3rd zone although adding wireless powered speakers to a deck might be in the future.


Kal Rubinson
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It is not only the bugs in

It is not only the bugs in the Emotiva that would bias me towards the Integras but its lame roomEQ that is not in a class with the Audyssey in the Integras.  There ain't much to choose between the 9.8 and 9.9 except for Audyssey DynamicEQ which some find useful for TV/movies.  For music, imho, either works fine.

I am, however, kinda skeptical about those warrantees.  Who covers them?


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