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Entry Level A/V 7.1 Dual Zone

Looking for a second system in the basement 15x30 feet and would like to run some old 4ohm Spica TC50s in a work room (second zone). Anyone make a recommendable 7.1 for $500 or so where I can run two of the channels in the second zone and a 5.1 HT for the kid's TV??? If not where would 'recommendable' start? (Ya like that open ended question leads us). I really can't go past about $750.



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There are not many I could recommend in that price range, but the Denon 3312 is very good and will handle those speakers.

It is last year's model, and I have heard that there are some as low as $600-700. Shop around.

Very few HT receivers will drive those speakers properly.

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