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Energy speakers

I need some advice with Energy speakers. I currently have the C3's with a CC1 center and really like the sound. I am looking to purchase C5's to replace the C3's and I also need ceiling mount surround sound speakers. I would like to stay with Energy ceiling mounts unless there's something a lot better in the price range for those (around $100-150). The ceilings are 14 ft high and this will be in an open concept area. I'm also looking for a home theater receiver with a budget in the $750-1000 range. I'm just getting back into this so thanks in advance for any help.

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System Choices

The Marantz SR5008 would probably be a good receiver choice.It normally runs around $900.

The Energy ceining mount speakers are not particularly good-sounding, if you ask me, but in that price range you are kind of limited.

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