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Empire 4000 Marble to Speakers

I've been collecting and restoring vintage audio equipment over the years, I purchased these speaker tables recently and was going to sand and stain them to match my other furniture, but I'm not sure it it will hurt the value of them? I couldn't find anything about this model of these speakers, does anyone know anything about them? Any info about these speakers would be greatly appreciated, I'll post a picture of them. Thanks - Larry

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Empire 4000

Hi Larry...these speakers are rare indeed.. Layfaette Radio cat. 1965

had them listed they were high dollar....they had 15" woofers 4" VC

and 20 lb magnets the tweets were titanium dome mid/tweet wide range Dia.

top of the line for back then ....there were other wild speakers

at a Layfaette store....Falls Church VA      ... I used to go to.......Rich

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