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ELAC B6.2 with subwoofer vs ELAC B6

I'm choosing between ELAC B6.2 and B6
After reading reviews, my understanding is:
- B6.2 has more detailed but neutral sound
- B6 sound less detailed but warmer
I prefer warm sound for rock music and neutral for classics, so I was wondering if B6.2 with subwoofer would sound warm, or it'll still sound neutral just more bassy ? 70th rock music is my priority (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits etc), but occasionally I listen to Bach, Mozart.
Should I go for B6 instead ? Or maybe shell out for F6/F6.2 ?
It's difficult to find any shop around me where I could listen to ELACs, so I'll rely on advice.

Also I'll install the speakers about 10 feet from my couch, my room is about 3500 cubic feet, will B6.2 or B6 be powerful enough for that distance and room size ?

I'm very new to audio hardware and never owned speakers nor subwoofer, so any info will be appreciated.

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