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Edition 8 Vs JH16's


Ok so I currently own Shure SE530's and a pair of Ultrasone HFI-250's. I am looking to upgrade to a set in the $1000 range. My debate is between the Ultrasone Edition 8's and the JH Audio JH16's (or 13's if you can provide an explanation of the difference between the two). I am a huge fan of the s-logic sound imaging of the ultrasone's but the size and ease of carrying the in-ear buds is very attractive as well. I also hate how the SE 530's seem to lack bass at times compared to full-sized headphones. So what are your opinions on these two? Any pro's con's I am missing or things I should be factoring into the decision?

In order the things that matter are:

-Sound quality


-Sound Imaging

-How they sound when not properly amplified (at times when on the go I will be listening to them just with my iPod but I still want sound quality)

-Sound isolation


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