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eBay still best for buying/selling USED vinyl?

As an eBayer for nearly two decades, both buying and selling, I'm not really sure it's STILL the "ideal" resource for either. 

So what Internet-based sourrce do YOU go to buy/sell vinyl or other "audiophile" media? 

E.g., Audigon, AudioAsylum, AudioCircle, (thrid party/auction), etc.?


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The Amazon website for sale

Fortunately , Amazon , the Amazon website for sale ( Special Products ) registered in its inventory , the person or allow " traders. , So have a look at eBay and selling on amazon with an additional sales channel to understand the diversity of sales channels , the seller has a large pool of customers. (Say) eBay / her sales, as evidence of his / her account from being able to rely on their own Amazon seller account, when it is off, it can reduce the risk of the seller shows.

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