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Dynaudio DM2/6 or Totem Dreamcatcher

Could you please help me choose between these two speakers? And also some budget Amp to use. Thank you so much

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Listen yourself and decide.

My ears, listening preferences, and perception is different from yours. Both are competent pieces, its up to you to decide which sounds best to you. For amps look to NAD, Music Hall, Cambridge Audio, etc.

JoeE SP9
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It's easy to choose.

Which ones sound best to you? Buy that pair.

If you haven't heard them, how do you know what you're buying? 

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I suggest that you audition the Gallo Acoustics CL-3 speakers; I think they will make you forget about the others.

I had checked out speaker after speaker over a 2-year period until I was getting saturated, lol, and almost bought some nice Vienna Acoustics Beethoven speakers for around $3000, but when I auditioned these I was blown away. I had to have them. They are really amazing.

You can get them for a no-risk 60-day home trial (free shipping both ways) by going to their website and ordering. Amazingly, they are only $1595, which is a steal. Their sonic purity, power, and the incredible bass they put out belies both their price and their size.

The Absolute Sound did a glowing article on them in the last issue, but their effusive praise still falls short of conveying how good they are.

For a good budget amplifier, I suggest you check out the Music Hall A15.2. Music Direct is selling it for only $500, and I don't know of a better one for much under $1000. Now if you want to spend $1500, though, the Musical Fidelity M3i is very good.

The Gallo CL-3 speakers, however, do justice to more expensive electronics if you can afford them (my preamp and amplifier cost over $11,000).


kuajing wrote:

Could you please help me choose between these two speakers? And also some budget Amp to use. Thank you so much

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