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Dvorak Cypresses/String Quartet 13

My thanks to John Marks for bringing this recording to my attention, great music and very good recording (although I think a little more space between performers and microphones would have been nice). The Cypresses are lovely pieces and the string quartet is truly an excellent work. I was unable to locate a hi-rez download so I purchased the CD from I strongly urge anyone who enjoys the music of Dvorak to check this music out.

John Marks
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Lost in translation, perhaps


Thanks for your kind words. That CD is certainly a "keeper"!

I wrote what I wrote because I had been cc'ed on an email wherein the label stated that there would be hi-res downloads by mid-summer.

I have checked the list of vendors they provided, and what the others offer that iTunes does not is, "CD Quality."

So, perhaps on Planet Klaatu, the terms are interchangeable.

It's still a great CD.

Now, if we can only get JA to listen to it, despite its heretical mic'ing... .

Tee hee.

John Marks

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