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Monty's picture

What a glorious system! I'm green with envy.

millenium's picture

whats in the bottom portion of the b&w 801-2. its the first time i have ever seen this model.

lux actor's picture


there is (sea) sand in the bottom portion (50kg each box).

mschnittman's picture

I like the cabinet that you have your beautiful system housed in. Who makes it, pray tell?

jcipale's picture

The overall aesthetic is simply beautiful! I love how the silver/black pieces juxtapose themselves within the framework of the B&Ws.

lux actor's picture

@mschnittman: It's all selfmade

zundelfan's picture

The rug complements the rig very well. You've got it all nailed down. Todd Schorr on the left?

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A very beautiful system housed on a wonderful platform. Must sound amazing.

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