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A drink and a song .

Just wondered if others on site enjoy a song and a drink ?

I just arrived home after a very long but friutful day at work , listening to some Sade with a whisky and coke at my side . It's late , everyone has retired for the night and the house is calm , a rarity . Also enjoying my new Revel Studio 2's .

Couldn't be more at piece with the world . 



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Congratulations re the Studio

Congratulations re the Studio 2.  It's always a very satisfying feeling listening to new gear!

I don't drink much anymore, but the pain medication doesn't hurt.

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A nice Whiskey (or Bourbon as it is called when it is made PROPERLY from the limestone springs of the Kentucky and Ohio river basins) and coke is always a good companion.  As is a BBC seasonal brew.

Must be something in the water.

Bill B
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Yep. My little bar, such as it is, is in the listening room. Been enjoying Jeffersons bourbon lately. Wild Turkey or Elijah Craig when I can't find that. 

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I've yet to find a bourbon that can better Eagle Rare.

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