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Anyone heard this cd player, or heard about it?  I just listened to the Ayre C7 and the C5 and was quite happy with what I got but for 6 hefty thousands... for the latter, I don't think that it is quite a home appliance.  Maybe for professional use.  The Doge had some interesting info on this web site and as I am in search for a CD player, ...

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Cd player

Las .. I have not heard of the dog 6 , but I can tell you the CD5 is sonically worth a lot more than 6 large .     Regards Tim

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If you are going that route you might as well

look into the Shanling CD-T1000SE.

Kal Rubinson
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Do they offer it with a matte

Do they offer it with a matte finish for the front panel?

tom collins
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doge 6

I have heard the Doge 6 and it sounded excellent.  I own a Doge 8 preamp with built-in phono pre.  I would compare this $1500 unit to anything costing up to 4 times as much.  The phono section is killer and worth the price of the entire unit just by itself.  I think the products are good and if the US vendor, Pacific Valve stands behind it, I woul try the 6 if I needed a CD.



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Doge6 CDP

I have owned a Doge 6 cd player for about 2 months now and can recommend it very highly. I have previously owned a Shanling T80SE, with extensive Burson mods, a Cambridge 640C, and a NAD M66 which I used as a stand alone CD player. I also auditioned a NAD 545B, a Denon 2000, a Bryston (can't remember the model) and a Vincent/Shengya, none of which are in the same class. I nearly bought an Opera Consonance after being sold on the sweet and rich tube sound, but thought I'd try the Doge after reading a Chinese sourced article rating all Chinese players. The Consonance scored 75/100 and the Doge was rated at 90. The Doge has great tonality, texture, presence, richness and warmth, without sacrificing any detail. I paid about AU$1,400 including freight. I prefer female vocals, but the Doge is great with all musical instruments, especially guitar and piano. I have Osborn Titan Reference speakers and an Italian AudiaFlight3 integrated amp. Power, passion, purity and presence!

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Do you still feel this way?

It may end up being my personal treat for Christmas and New Years, ...heck with the third salary drop I am struggling with.  We've got one life to live.

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