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Does Klipsch RF-82 fit in my room?


I am new to professional sound so I have some basic doubts. My room is 40 square meters (8x5) and I would like to know if Klipsch RF-82 can perform well, if not could you recommend some speakers taking into consideration my room size.

Thanks so much

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The Klipsch RF-82 would be well suited to a 26x16 foot room, but

the question is are they well suited to your ears? I would suggest listening to as many loudspeakers in your price range as possible. Most floorstanding loudspeakers about the same size as those Klipsch, with a sensitivity of over 88dB/1w/1m and a power handling of 150 watts or more RMS, should be able to fill your relatively large room.

What is your associated equipment?

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