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Paul Welch
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Does anyone use Yamaha BD-S671 for stereo? Alternatives?

I am interested because:
1. It is only $299
2. It has USB “thumb drive” support,
And I do not have that today and want to try:
Putting my music on thumb drive from my PC and then play it on this unit.
Why: my Arcam rDAC sounds great via my current DVD player (via CDs that I burn) via the digital coaxial output >>>but sounds “electronic”, not real, especially cymbals and other Higher frequency instruments and voices when usng the PC to the rDAC via the USB ports.
3. It does have the digital coaxial outputs needed for my rDAC.
4. It has more front panel controls than other similar priced units, if I am near the unit and don’t have the remote handy I can change the track…
5. It can be my back up DVD and Blu ray player and supports 3D which I do not have know BUT: actually features 1 to 4 are much more important.

How does it work, functionally OK, solid, as a USB thumb drive “player”?
How does it sound playing CDs, if using it’s RCA outputs? How does it sound Compared to what?

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