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DIY Hybrid Electrostats

Hi all, 

I just found this great forum and joined up a few days ago... and it looks like I'll be busy for months digging around in this gold mine! 

I have a nugget to share too for DIY'ers interested in ESL speakers but thought they were too expensive or too difficult to build.  Not so!    

Admittedly, my specialized "beam-splitter" transmission line bass cabinets and frames were challenging and time-consuming but there is no reason why you couldn't substitute simpler bass boxes to make them an easy build.  

The electrostat panels, DC power supplies and step-up transformers were easy and relatively inexpensive.  I assembled those over a long weekend for under $450.  Adding the Aurum Cantus woofers, grills, spikes, MDF, oak sheathing and trim, brought the total cost to $800.  Their fidelity is truly stunning.   

I posted in the Gallery section too and there is a photo below.  To view detailed build instructions, many photos, a parts list, schematics,  links to sources for all materials, prices, etc... just click on the link to my website below: 

    Jazzman's ESL Page



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