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Digital Streaming Set Up Suggestions

Hi all,

I've finally decided to grow up and ditch wearing my ipod around the house and get a real system to play my music on.  Though it seems like the obvious solution for digital music would just be to buy a stereo with an ipod dock or an aux port, but my digital music collection is way bigger than the capacity of my ipod.  Here is what I'm looking for:

1) Recommendation on how to stream music to another device.  (I've looked at Airport Express, but don't like that you can't connect a hard drive).  Would be great if anyone had any suggestions on what they use or how they set up their NAS.

2) What would be the best set up to play the music from (speakers, amp/receiver, etc.).  It would be great if this set up could also pull double duty as a boost for my terrible TV speakers as well as work with my turntable (the current system I have is a POS).

3) Aside from re-ripping my entire CD collection (which would be impossible), does anyone know of any product/software that compensates for the general awfulness of MP3s (random volume shifts, choppy quality, etc.)?

Thanks I really appreciate any suggestions advice

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you can do it

You can rip your collection. Make it your hobby, make it something you are leaving to your kids, you can do it! I did. Rip them to flac and play them with J River is my advice. I have 13,000 files that I ripped, you can do it! Then back it up. I lost a hard drive full of music and laughed because it was all backed up! But I bought a new back up drive that week!

I am trying to integrate a NAS, but I just bought an adapter instead of a whole NAS drive, and things are going slowly. So I am currently just using dulplicate drives for the den and living room computers. More later.



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