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Digital masters, and safety backup

TRIED to post this on Analog planet, but the blog engine seems to not like me
Ref. article:

I hope ERC also makes a CONCURRENT high-rez (DSD or 24/192) digital transfer. Vinyl is great, but there are aspects of music vinyl can't capture (bass, bass slam, dynamics).
If you recall, back when Sheffield Lab did their d-2-d, they always ran a 15ips open reel deck concurrently. That's how Sheffield later was able to re-release material on CD (and those CDs are awesome, like the Drum Record).
Anyway, high-rez and DSD downloads are a great marketing opportunity, and companies like ERC can STILL do their limited-edition vinyl thing. Take this lesson from Chad and Acoustic Sounds.
Oh, BTW, the Kogan/Beethoven/Paris/Silvestri concerto was released on CD in Japan (Seraphim) and USA/Europe/world (EMI classic) in roughly 1994-96. As some have noted, full-length mvts are on YouTube. I'm sure the ERC lp sounds better ;)

Here's the cover of the 1996 EMI CD:

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