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Diffusers and Absorbers... Assistance Needed!

Hello everyone, I am a new member of the forum, but a long time subscriber of Stereophile, and an avid forum parouser. Now I'm at a point where guidance would be much appreciated.

So, I have 200 square foot room with 10 foot vaulted ceilings. I have laminate floors, and am planning on putting down an area rug. I am needing input/advice on acoustic treatment.

I have Bryston Mini T (large bookshelfs) and run 2 DIY reference subwoofers. The Bryston's are about a foot from the wall (don't have room to move them out further). I'm wondering about Diffusion and Absorption. I have read many varying opinions, and realize that specific setup is a large dictator of proper treatment.

What should I put behind the speakers (front wall), on the back wall, and should the sidewalls be treated. I am a Sculptor, so making these devices is not an issue... But guidance on specific designs/sizes/etc... is. As is where to use diffusers and/or absorbers.

Thank you very much for your time and responses in advance!

michael green
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Hi buildsafire

I'd be happy to show you around TuneLand (home of RoomTune), if you would like. There are several acoustical projects going on there now that might give you some ideas.

good luck , have fun!

michael green

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