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""its sound...fuller without being muddy, punchier, quicker...everything just turned up a notch or three. Indeed, it seems that Denon put the PLX-1000 square in its sights and set out to better it in every measure.''

It would be nice to know what equipment the writer is using, namely the phono preamp, the preamp, the amp and the speakers. I have three turntables. I modified my now 80 pound Oracle Delphi with the help and comments of the director of the company. My Technics MK5 has a platter and spindle from Mike New, a Kabusa power supply and a half inch tonearm board from Audiomod.
All this just to say that I am not a newbie to the turntable discussion and experience. I would like reading more details on comparing the sound of this Denon turntable.

To say that something sounds better& really really good leaves the reader wanting for more information. The same but extended review was posted on and, with due respect, reads like a sales pitch.

I also saw a bunch of on line videos comparing to the plx1000, but they really speak about physical differences and you cannot really tell the audio difference hearing over the computer the audible difference.

In any case, I hope Stereophile and or this writer will provide more information on the sonic attributes of this great looking TT ,over the other DD turntables.

Since I cannot or will not buy both the PLX and the Denon DJ VL12 to make up my mind, it would be nice to read more details about the audio qualities of each TT.

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