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I liked the article but the thematic of recording technique deserves much more than one page. The same tendencies are existing in photography. There is a constant development of better gear but most of the images get killed by Photoshop. At least there is increasing general awareness that published photos are manipulated and do not necessarily represent reality. I like digital art but not "improved" reality.
It seems that manipulations are becoming the standard of the recording industry. How convenient is it when different parts and singers are recorded in different locations like Rome by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi (Rome, Nashville and Burbank).
I find simple 2 mic stereo recordings like the ones from Todd Garfinkle (MA recordings) so much more engaging. Maybe the mixing console started the idea
One aspect is time coherence. JA measures the step response on all speakers but comments that it has little audible effect. I assume the reason is that most recordings are multi miced and mixed and are not time coherent any how.
I want to learn much more about the recording techniques and its influence on sonic quality - more important than another cable or amp.

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