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Dali Zensor 1 good enough for large room?

Dear Stereophiles,

I can buy a pair of Dali zensor 1's for a bargain price at a hifi shop near me, I want to use them in the kitchen to listen to music but I am not sure if they are powerful enough to fill the entire kitchen. My kitchen is 16 by 13 feet with a 9 feet high cieling. my other option is to buy two KEF CI 160QS but they are twice the price. I will be using the speakers with a Yamaha R-S500. Any experience with the Dali's in a large room or any other advice would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance, Luke

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I know the Zensor 1s

Great speakers for the price.  They won't play really loud, but very little that size and nothing that price will (with any quality).  But within their obvious limits they offer great sound quality and surprising value.  Should mate well with your Yamaha and have no trouble filling that room with great sound, just not at live concert volumes.  No experience with the KEFs.

Good luck!

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