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In the review of the Peach Tree DAC*iT the reviewer said that if he was comparing it against DACs in the $500 range it would be the first one he reached for. He specifically called out the Cambridge Audio DACMagic and the Musical Fidelity V-DAC.

I have been very interested in both The DAC*iT and Arcam rDAC, which the reviewer mentioned as well. If Jon or ANYONE, can elaborate more on the differences between the DAC*iT and the rDAC that would be great.

My setup for reference is made up of Dynaudio Excite X16s and a Naim Nait 5i integrated amp. I currently use my Sony blu-ray player as the CD transport and use the internal DAC for the meantime, meaning RCA outs to the Naim CD input. Ive been planning to use the Sony as a transport using either the coax or optical outputs to the DAC into the Naim. Eventually Id like to add a Mac Mini, so Im looking for the better of the 2 dacs, or what makes them different and why one prefers one over the other.

I don't think Ill be able to hear both units, so Ill have to choose off of gut instincts, and what reviewers have said. Anyone with experience with both Id love to hear from.

Thanks Steve

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Me too!

I wouldn't mind hearing on this as well. Was considering pulling the trigger on a DacMagic (non-plus for $350) until I saw the review of the DAC*iT.

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