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What did you use for the outer jacket?

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I used the Techflex PET fire proof expandable, braided sleeving. It comes in many sizes and colors. I chose the black with white tracer. I have noticed that several manufactures use it on their retail cables, which cost hundreds and hundreds. It is very time consuming to get it on the cable itself, but it is worth it in the end, as they look awsome. On my shorter pair, (25 ft L & R surround) I used the same sleeving except without the white tracer. On the other 45 footer, ( not shown ) I used a larger sleeving with the white tracer on it, but it came out just a little different looking, because I did'nt have to strech it so much, but all in all, I'm very happy with all of the cables that I made. It was my first time and I will never buy pre terminated cables again ( except maybe HDMI or some of the other digital cables, like toslink..These speaker cables are so heavy duty, and cool looking, and they sound better than anything that I have ever heard. They would probably stand up to cables costing many, many times my investment. These cables with all of the parts cost me a pretty penny the way it is, but worth every cent. I own ZU cables, Audioquest, Tributaries, XLO Electric, and a few (Monster disappointing cables). I have a lot invested in all of my cables. I could never see myself buying something like Nordost Blue Heavens or other high end cables for about five grand a pair or set. I am going to start on some RCA analog interconnects this week or next. I'll post pics when they are done. It is a lot of fun to make your own cables as well as the fact that it gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

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