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Current and new System - Input requested!

Post #1. giggidy giggidy.

So I've been working on my stereo system for the better of a year, and I'm quite happy with how it sounds. here's the current system:

iTunes - Claro Halo XT Soundcard - Emotiva XPA-2 - Martin-Logan EletroMotion ESL's

Yes, it's all digital from a computer I built. I use Alac for most of the music, and many of it is 24-bit/192kHz. the interconnects are some real cheap radio shack cables, but they are hoped to be changed soon.

However I have found the set-up less than ideal because the system sits behind my computer and desk, which is a little annoying when I just want to kick back and listen as the computer monitors and the desk block the sound a bit.

So I'm investigating different options, and this is what I've come up with:

appleTV - Emotiva XDA-1 - Emotiva XPA-2 - Martin-Logan Electromotion ESL's.

I'll connect the appleTV to the DAC with optical, and connect the DAC to the Amp with Balanced connections. What I like about this is that I can use the apple remote to control everthing and get the computer and the desk out of the way. I also like this set-up over a dedicated music server as I can keep my playcounts synced-up.

My biggest concern with this set-up is with the appleTV; Will it send 24-bit 192 kHz music perfectly? Also, if anyone knows of any other ways to get music from my computer to the DAC wirelessly let me know too

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RE: Current and new System - Input requested!

I'm not an apple computer fan so I will not comment on your choice of source, but I will give my opinion on everything else.

Given your choice in speakers, I wouldn't mind a pair of my own xD I have never heard the amplifier, but if you are happy with it, AWESOME! I would not change it.

I would look at a different approach to your preamp and DAC solution. For instance, since your DAC is for computer audio, I feel having the two separate devices can only improve your sound. I am also not a fan of digital preamps as they sound a little too sterile for my own taste and I have heard them give off noise over the wire when changing the volume. I personally prefer a Class A analog preamp with balanced inputs and outputs for clean and well balanced signals and so I can better integrate pro gear in if I so choose.

I would also take a different look at my DAC as well. I would prefer a DAC that does just one or two things really well, not something that is full of function and features. I have not heard them myself, but the reviews of the Audio Note( DACs are really promising and they are well priced for what they are. I would also see if they have an option with a USB input, but I personally would get the DAC 4.1 kit ( and build it myself. When I go looking for a DAC I always look to see if a USB input in available and located in the back of the unit.

If you're on a budget then I would suggest dumping the money on a great preamp and checking out the Music Hall dac25.3 or the Firestone Audio Fubar II MKII USB DAC. Plug it all into a power conditioner such as an APC H15BLK to start.

I currently own a Topping D2 DAC and I like it a lot for a single ended device. I’m thinking of getting a nice Adcom preamp and power amp to go with it to replace my old analog Yamaha receiver. I am also working on a DIY speaker design using some old Peerless and Scan-Speak drivers in a 2-way tower. My source is an HP laptop running windows 7 with SSD storage (I found that the HDD was making audible noise) using Foobar 2000 to playback FLAC files to the D2 via shielded USB cable from monoprice and a Technics turntable connected to the receiver.

In other words, keep an open mind and explore your options to the fullest.

I hope this was insightful and good luck.

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