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Critique my new vinyl setup

Well i'm almost ready to take the plunge, here's what I've pretty much decided on.

Marantz PM5004

PSB B25 Bookshelf Speakers

Pro-ject Debut iii table

As for cabling, what are some general recommendations? The way my room is set up, the only good place to put the table + amp will be opposite from the speakers, meaning each cable will need to be 10+ feet long. Will this affect sound quality significantly?

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Cables and speaker wire

can be controversial. For that system good quality interconnects and speaker wire don't have to be expensive. Monoprice and other sub $10 cables are just fine and here follows a treatise on speaker wire.
I can't tell the difference between under $10 Steren 254 series (254-215BL 6 foot stereo RCA cable) cable and those which cost 20 times as much. Similar features/construction and flexible is sufficient.

Your vinyl setup will sound just fine. Good job!

High-Definition RCA interconnects
Unparalleled quality and top-line performance for audio equipment
Bare copper center conductor
99.99% pure oxygen-free copper wire
Low-density foam dielectric
Spiral-wound bare copper shield, 95% coverage
Ultra-flexible rubberized PVC jacket, 6.0mm OD
24K gold-plated heavy-duty RCA connectors
Fully molded construction

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