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Could you give any recommendations for a turntable setup that will cost all up around 500ish dollars

I've wanted a record player for a while, and to start myself a vinyl collection, but I've really not wanted to spend 50 bucks on a piece of crap from Target or what have you,  because that's all that is around my area. But coming online, my options are endless and anytime I try and find a decent turntable, for a decent price I end up reading heaps of crap saying I shouldn't get anything that doesn't require me to sell my body to pay for it.


So, my question is, with roughly 5 or 6 hundred dollars, what would any of you fine folk recommend to get me started? 


From the little I know, I'll need a turntable (obviously), an amp of some sort, preferably with vacuum tubes, and speakers. The speakers aren't too much of an issue for me, there are always speakers lying around, and it isn't hard to find decent ones cheap. 


Please let me know of what ever else I might need or need to know, plus I live in Australia, so it would need to be able to get shipped here.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide,  and sorry for any grammatical or slelling mistakes, I'm using my phone to make this post :)

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System Choices

A complete system for $600 is a tough order.

Also, i don't know the exact prices or availablilty there.

I think that you can get a Harman-Kardon 3490 stereo receiver for around $300 or so, and it has good power and a phono preamp included, so you won't have the expense of a separate phono preamp.

The Cambridge Topaz integrated amplifier.may also be in that price range.

A pair of of Pioneer BS-22 speakers can be had for around $120 here, and they are very good. i assume they are available there.

The turntable....hmmm.

Audio-Technica has one called the LP60 that sells here for less than $200, and I think that Thorens also has one that is under $300.

The Stanton T62 is also around $200 here from Needle Doctor.

I guess you need to look at the local dealers online there and see what is in your price range.

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hello mate...

i might start out with buying a turntable and a phono stage and build around that. for the turntable i own and recommend the "music hall mmf- 2.2". it costs about 450 US dollars. for the phono stage i own and recommend the "musical fidelity VLPS-2". it costs about 190 US dollars. you could skip the phono stage if you plan to buy a reciever or pre-amp that includes a phono stage.

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