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Wary One
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Cork Sanding Blocks as Device Supports

Recently I read the tip that cork sanding blocks make excellent device supports.
These are frequently available from DIY markets.
In the past Stillpoints, and cones made from wood and aluminium have come and gone in my system.
Until recently a synthetic rubber mat for isolating bench grinders and the like had proven to be the best.
However, the cork sanding blocks set up underneath the electronics and my SME 20/2 turntable have given the best results.
There is less background noise in the system compared with any other solution and due to that both clarity and dynamics have improved.
You may well disbelieve, but it does not cost the world to try out.
Just keep and open mind and perhaps you will be a able to hear an improvement for yourself.
All the other attempts have given good results, but sometimes at a considerable cost.
Suck it and see (hear).
If you find no improvement with them it is always possible to take up woodworking!

Even so called solid state is not immune to vibration and reducing their effect with sanding blocks can be a cheep and effective upgrade.

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lots of option out there, just need to look around & experiment

McMaster Carr is a great resource....

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