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Connecting Yammy RX-V677 to PC

Hey guys,

I bought Wharfdale 9 Diamond series 5.1 speakers, along with a Yamaha RX-V677

The behind of Yammy:

behind my Auzentech Prelude 7.1, ie a $300 sound card with amazing DAC


Now besides coaxial and optical, how can I get these two to talk to each other? I want to use the amp of my yammy its clearly more powerful, but id rather the sound card do the DAC processing

any ideas? I dont really want to buy a new sound card

what about sticking a 5.1/2.1(?) DAC between the two

80% I listen to music, I only sometimes gaming

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I am assuming

I am assuming one of those headphone jacks is a stereo output.

You need a mini-plug to RCA cable. You could try something like this:

This one is 1 meter. Not sure if you need a longer cable but at $35 is an awesome price.

For these analog cables I prefer something a little better in quality. Audioquest makes an outstanding cable. There are more expensive and less expensive cables available but this will absolutely do the trick. You will plug it into any of your unused analog inputs that are not phono inputs.

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