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Connecting studio monitors to laptop

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have a very basic question.

I have two KRK VXT6 studio monitors ( and I want to connect them to my laptop via an audio interface, which I haven't bought yet.
I found a cheap used Line 6 UX1 audio interface ( that I believe will work fine.

Can I use a dual minijack to jack headphone adaptor to connect the two monitors (using a male XLR to jack cable) to the interface, since it only has one headphone socket? Will it work fine or is there a better set-up you would recommend to get the best sound out of the monitors? Should I look for other audio interfaces that have two outputs for the monitors?

I will be using the monitors mainly for listening to music and YouTube videos. Eventually I may also want to set up a hardware synth (later).

My research took me this far but now I can't seem to find the best solution.

Thank you for your help!


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